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my work

O2 Hydration - social media marketing internship

As a Social Media Intern at O2 Hydration, I skillfully crafted engaging and trendsetting videos to promote the innovative and health-conscious brand. Utilizing data-driven insights, I managed content schedules using Excel to optimize reach and engagement. My adaptability and creativity allowed me to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver impactful campaigns.

TheStudio - social media marketing

Managed client's Instagram with precision, adhering to strict brand guidelines on colors, fonts, and vibe. Crafted captivating content that resonated with the target audience, boosting engagement and brand awareness. Client's trust in my expertise empowered successful campaigns, igniting my passion for creative marketing.

Spacebound - Marketing manager

Strategized impactful marketing campaigns, creating captivating posters, flyers, and engaging social media content. Successfully revamped party room, targeting kids and their parents, leading to a substantial increase in bookings and revenue.

bonus points?

Buzzgum -
college entrepreneurial project

comunidades wao -
baseball ad video

youtube channel -
just some fun videos

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